Mentors/Trainers 2010-2011

This year we are looking to identify 100 Surrey teachers to help test and pilot the building of a technology toolkit for use within the classroom. This group of teachers will be selected on the basis of their interest to help implement the use of technology within teaching and learning; their prior involvement with the tech partner program or SFU diploma programs TLITE & LTT; and willingness to help mentor others within their school community to integrate the use of technology in the classroom.

The group will be given license to three products the District is piloting and helping develop. These licenses will be introduced at special training sessions and supported through the Mentor/Trainer program at CISC. The requirement of attendance at training sessions will be a part of the support provided by CISC and allows the user access to the program use within their classroom. It is limited to one mentor/trainer per school with the exception of project schools that may need to have a group of teachers within the same grade/dept. work together using these products.

There will be regular quarterly special events including special speakers and opportunities to work with National reps. It is hoped that all involved with this program will committed to meet once a month and meet and work with others within this pilot.

Schools will be asked to support the mentors/trainers this year by designating four release days and use of a school laptop. The District will provide the support for the program through the provision of the software/licenses, training/pro-d, and the use of district technology tools on a rotational basis.

If you are interested, please submit your information on the google docs and we will inform you within the first month of school (Sept. 30) when we will be hosting our first training session together.