iPad Bootcamp Sessions

Agenda for May 10th or May 11th

Location: Former CISC Building 7532-134A Street

Time: 8:30 to 2:30

Presenters: John Maschak (Apple Canada), Orwell Kowalyshyn, Lisa Domeier, Julia Poole, Kevin Amboe, Amy Newman

Morning 8:30 - 10:30

(1) Blog / Ethical Practices / School Responsibilities (5 min) http://innovativelearningdesigns.wordpress.com/

(2) Language and framework for teaching and learning with technology: adaptive or transformative (15 min)

(3) Learning Assessment tools for this project (10 min)

John Maschak
John Maschak
Tools for Teaching - Part I (John Maschak, Apple Canada) - app organization, transforming a personal device into a shared one - linking pedagogy and technology, what we need to know to drive it better - applications to get you started

  • iPad 100 Tips and Tricks http://Bitly.com/jLgVrd

    Bitly for urls
  • view in iBooks and creating pdfs for iBooks
  • Create libraries for your students to access information related to their learning. Load into iBooks or photo library to share as collections
  • ePub to produce pdfs - PDF to EPUB converter - www.epub2go.com
  • wikipedia as a search for information http://en.wikipedia.org Create an account and use this to generate information as pdfs
  • Twitter and Tweetdeck
  • Diigo bookmark your links John Maschak
  • Doodle Buddy (similar to comic life) Can doodle with this free app e.g. Can create a graphing page for math. Go to camera roll and use an image or your word processor document and overwrite notes, etc. Can take a screen shot of whatever image is on the screen and use this as your background for doodle buddy.
  • Keynote app - can convert your powerpoint presentations and use doodle buddy to cover the answers. Do a slideshow with images timed and with background music that will play while scrolling through the images
  • Play videos on the iPad and deconstruct captured videos, podcasts from iTunes U, and K-12 Learning site IT in k-12 Smart Technology
  • cK-12 FlexBooks - customize, digital texbooks for k-12 for Sciene, Technology, Egineering, and Mathematics

12:00 - 1:00pm Lunch

Twitter Session

- sign up - building community, networking

Turn Twitter and Facebook into a daily newspaper

Flipboard - 15 Ways to use Flipboard by CoolCatTeacher Vicki Davis

Afternoon 1:00pm - 2:30pm

(5) Tools for Teaching - Part II (John Maschak, Apple Canada)

- adaptive features of the iPad

- apps to extend your device (QR codes, Augmented Reality applications, built-in sensors)

QR Code Roundup: 10 Resources for Librarians and Educators

Read your QR code with the app SCAN

- iPad as a media library, ethics behind acquiring content - Creative Commons

- stretching student thinking