Learning Innovations: Technology Focus

Welcome to the home of the Learning Innovations. Your school has been chosen to participate in an exciting project where you are to push the boundaries of teaching and learning. In this process, you will be providing guidance and direction for future schools and teachers in the area of adaptive and transformative uses of technology.

As such, this journey will require months of trial, experimentation, and redefinition of current technology and education models. Throughout this process, your team is encouraged to document, reflect upon, and assess your experiences and "ah-ha" moments. Through the use of the social media tools (blogs, wikis discussion, twitter posts) we hope to form a community and engage in a deep, rich and continuous discussion over the coming year.

As part of this project, your school will be receiving a campus wide upgrade to wireless and internet infrastructure, a limited staff set and a full classroom set of iPad tablet computers. Additionally, we are providing a series of professional development opportunities that can help enable your school team to transform your learning experiences for your students.

We hope your time and participation in this project is valuable and beneficial to all your students and your own practice.