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General Discussion

  • post your contributions on the discussion page at the top of this page. There are three topics to discuss today.

Horizons/CUE BC -

  • Blair Miller, teacher at Frank Hurt was the winner of a Netbook as a result of returning his feedback form on the CUE BC conference . What were your highlights of the conference? Do you have any suggestions for next year?

Internet Safety Week Nov. 15-22nd - How did you take advantage of the resources and contest?

Web 2.0 News and updates:

  • BC CR2.0 (Classroom 2.0) has been created on CEET (Community of Expertise in Educational Technology). This is a collaborative community of BC teachers who are using Classroom 2.0 and other networking sites to discuss using Web tools in the classroom.

Webinar: November 24th from 7:15pm - 8:30pm

  • Extending the conversation about using technologies and networking to enrich our work with kids and our own professional growth. What is working or not working for you?

What Web 2.0 tools are teachers currently using in your school?

IMS Tech Talk

- Wireless network solution, Windows 7, personally owned device/computer guest access are the main projects this year. There will be documentation to describe how to access guest account.
Replace current list of wireless gear, gathering more information on the needs for and definition of who "guest" are. Take the wireless network to accommodate the new Guest access. Virtual firewall. Preparing the move to DECC (District Education Conference Centre).

Budget restraints and constraints

Considering the economic forecast for the next two to three years, we would like your feedback on solutions and plans for the following ares:

Hardware - replacement and upgrades

Suggestions: Not have the BER (beyond economic repair) that the machines will not be kept from the school unless it can be replaced. Have the bar stay stationary for this time. Problematic to operate this way.
Can't get parts for the machines and will cost more to repair than replace.

District looking at reducing the number of supported machines. We have decided not to purchase used machines.
LRS FUND - capped at 20%. Is this an area to consider changing the cap.
Teachers bringing their own laptops.

Tech support - pro-d, district licensing of software titles

Software versions - Dragon Naturally Speaking - version 8

Training for BCeSIS for Tech Facilitators

Teacher initiatives - laptop/desktops, dept. carts, projector/document cameras, Smartboard/interactive whiteboards

Open access to labs/laptop carts - how is this going? How many labs are dedicated to teaching courses and what availability exists for integration of technology into the other classes? Please fill in the google doc to help with this assessment. Go to the form at

[[@ |Sec. school computer usage]]

Creative solutions for hardware acquisition, technology integration, professional development - has your school participated in grant initiatives or special funding for increasing the technology in your schools?

Time permitting:

Proactive Software Project - We have begun a process to identify the web 2.0 tools that best support learning.