JUNE 13TH, 2011
8:30AM ‐ 2:30PM

Welcome - Elisa Carlson, Director of Instruction
Quote: Buidling the Bridge as You Walk On It By Quinn

Opening activity - Rainbow Game -

History of Project - Elisa
Dec 17th - Recalc funds available for district with technology
- Joint venture between IMS and CISC
- Centered on teaching and learning
Two projects - Digital focus, Secondary schools
68 schools applied with proposals
What about the schools not chosen?
ICT team will bring about other opportunities for these schools and matching them with other projects/chools currently within the district.

Framing the Project: Working with schools to date - Amy. Leah
Secondary Learning Design
  • Earl Marriott
  • Fraser Heights
  • Guildford Park
  • North Surrey
  • Sullivan Heights
  • Tamanawis
Met with representative teams (2-6 people/school) on June 2

Guiding Principles
What has the greatest impact on student learning?
Motion Leadership bu Michael Fullan
Ready, Aim, Fire by Michael Fullan

Digital Learning Projects
11 schools were selected to be a part of these projects.
7 elem. schools, 3 Sec. schools, and 1 Learning Centre
1/2 day introductory day "Driving the iPad" with focus on the tools for teaching with Apple Educator John Maschak

Tailoring Staff Development: Our Role - Amy, Sandra, Selina

Assessment - Amy

Transformtive Teaching in the Digital Age - ICT Team

Adaptive Use in Special Eduction (3 apps) George Voros

Hijacking Social Media for Collaboration - ICT Team, Amy

Some collaborative tools