District Education Centre

This year we have supported 18 project schools with a wide variety of inquiry questions.

Our starting inquiry question

How do projects embedded with inquiry and the ability to change current practice (with new tools or resources) impact student engagement and learning?


Design a project for applicants with a change action and inquiry focus
Support project with resources including Helping Teacher Support


Engaging IMS to support doing things differently


- Expansion of projects through school resources

- High demand for support with processes, training, additional tools

Synthesis - Profound Student Learning or Teacher Learning/ Practice

"I was going to retire this year, but teaching is so much fun again, that I can't"

Exemplar to upload -
List of 57 schools applying for Phase 1
List of 11 + 6 - more than we could originally plan for
List of Schools applying for Phase 2
List of Schools accepted for Phase 2
List of Additional Projects - Literacy, SS, Fine Arts

I chose this as it represents a change in how we support teaching and learning with a deep inquiry focus and the strong response from schools.