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April session (Session 1 Slides.pdf) - getting started with your iPad, setting up the school iTunes account.
May session

1. Can we have our iPads in August for Summer ProD?
Likely - To have them ready for you we need to have the following lined up:
- iPads delivered by Apple
- iPads configured by IMS - network settings
- School Internet Access upgraded by PLNET
- Wireless installed

(If the last two are not completed, the iPads will likely be deployed to your school; however, you will need to accept a lower internet experience with 30 new devices in your building.)

2. Do I need to turn the iPad off? And if so, how do I do that?
- The iPad is an instant on type of computer. It has no hard drive, just a type of memory called Flash memory that retains all information even when the power is off.
- A button at the top edge of the case (called the hold button) locks/unlocks the display
- To change the length of the time before the display locks choose Settings >> General >> Auto-Lock
- To turn off the iPad, press this same button, but hold it down for a few seconds. The iPad display will prompt you to turn off the power
- For more information refer to this link

3. How much is the data plan? Is there any incentives offered since I am part of this project?
- Bell Canada is offering to wave the activation charge ($35) when you sign up for 500/MB data plan. The data is billed $20 monthly - no contract. There are tools and apps to help you monitor your online usage. Simply contact our Bell representative Michael Gusic ( 877.678.3101 Ext 4481 to obtain information on how to activate the data service. You will need to add a Bell SIM card to your device.
- More complete details are found here. Bell Tablet Flex Plan.pdf
- You can also use the iPad with Telus or Rogers, any service that provides a GSM compatible SIM card.