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Introduction to iPad Use - Learning to Drive the iPad

(8:30am - 12:00pm)

1. Welcome and Introductions by Elisa Carlson

2. Video - Getting Started with the iPad (15 minutes)
- Introduction to our (temporary) virtual meeting space

3. Distribute laptops and iTunes Cards (60 minutes)
- walk through on setting up accounts with district, redeem codes
- overview of iTunes

snacks.jpgNutrition Break (15 min)

Technology trivia with prizes (15 min). Download below.

4. Ten best educational apps to get started (45 min)
- download from the app store (on laptop)
- distribute and sync iPads

5. Features of the iPad 2 (20 minutes)
- Searching, settings
- iBooks (free ePub book from Macworld)
- Assistive features
- Peripheral connections
- Teacher (WiFi+3G) vs Student (WiFi) versions

6. Wrap up - Q & A, continuing the conversations...
- specific requests, questions about Bootcamp

Location: CISC Building 7532-134A Street