1. Welcome and Warm Up

  • Introductions
  • Lunch
  • Warm up activity
  • Sign up for SD36EdTechLead so you can contribute to the discussion on the Tech-Commandments
    Read the following article The Tech Commandments for the next activity

2. Chatter vs Clutter

Change in roles and technology support
  • IMS update (Dan) - Increased network to 100mg in Secondary schools
    adjustments to firewall settings and adjustments for accommodating more web 2.0, decentralizing firewalls to school base, timeline is around spring break. End of this year 126 will have a CMS base. Windows 7 adjustments to ghost console and awareness of BCeSIS. 16 schools on BCeSIS, remaining sec. schools will be Feb/Mar 2010 and fully active by the Fall.
Dec 2010 new district office will be occupied and the new data centre

Electronic shopping cart for LRS and all catalogues for software and hardware are online. Continue working on hardware management, asset tagging and removing assets from the active directory so we can insure license management and software life cycle management.

Communication and working with CISC to put together a central site as a resource to use for information sharing - repository.

Question: Personal devices - is the network ready and secure for allowing teachers and students to bring in Personally owned devices? What does guest access mean?

  • Leaders of change and practice – Julia/Alasdair
- Chris Toy group and summer pro-d - very successful and will continue the group
- Tech partner program - 30 schools this year.
- Hardware deployment with limited funding. Most schools have fairly good hardware ratios of 1:6 for elementary and 1:4 for secondary
  • Visioning and Purpose
  • Current model of Pro-D
    1. School based mentors/trainers
    2. District Pro-D and Focus Days
    3. Short video clip of our latest training method (Orwell)
  • LSA/PSA - CUE Surrey

Horizons/CUEBC 2009

3. Envisioning the Future

  1. Needs assessment – How do we find out teachers needs for technology integration, Pro-D, and software?
  2. Burning Questions - What are the top three questions? Divide into small groups for discussion – first they would create in Inspiration brainstorm their ideas for their school and as a group create one document.

4. Discussion Topic: software

  • Software Committee (Alasdair)
  • Submission process (Julia/Karen) -Cost of ownership to have a title supported $100,000 per title
Being pro-active, what do we need, what can be supported,

  • Support and LRS approved titles (Julia)
Communication, what titles are on the list, which are in process, what meets the school needs?
District purchases
Identify what Web 2.0 tools are supported
Customer service vs free – you pay for what you get
AI packages – automatic updates built into the package – revisions to Integrade pro

5. Feedback

  • CMS (IMS team)

CMS deployment feedback – How is it going? Are the tools given working well?

QUESTIONS: Is there an easier way to change Gr. 8 passwords? Make the password welcome and then they can go in and change it with the login. Make it as secure as possible.
  • Large scale reset – batch reset tool , could see what students have not logged in that day and can do it separately to reset.
Can do it in elementary by class division but not as easy with secondary.
Shared drive – limited in number of folders, there is less control at the school level
  • Super User (Dan)
Super/power user – looking at being able to give teachers who are using their own computer and how can we create an environment that is secure and protect the network. Local admin access – creates challenges to use the district asset at home and we are looking at ways we can provide support to local admin access and how we can support the teacher on the backend and a secure network
Certification process for admin rights?

6. Questions & Answers

  • IMS on Internet Explorer- upgrade Internet Explorer version 8
Firefox not enterprise ready
  • Web 2.0 applications - diigo, skype or windows live or yahoo messenger
there are tools that are currently going through the software process for approval – Skype, Internet messenger, is being blocked,
  • Campus wireless and access to the key for staff and students

  • Guest Access
List guest access – currently hidden, students would switch to this and could not go back to their folders
What should we do for teachers who bring their own laptops? The network is not designed for risking virus problems from outside computer access. Redesign will change the structure of the firewall and the traffic it manages.