Fraser Heights Innovative Learning Designs 2011-2012

We have created a blog to share our learning this year. It is a work in progress and is also a compilation of all teacher and admin blogs at our school so far.

Starting Inquiry Question:
How can we improve teaching and learning through a inquiry-based, cross-curricular, project-based, technology-imbedded plan?

Teacher pro-d on backwards design
Collaboration on designing inquiry-based, technology-imbedded projects
Meet n' Eat (teacher pro-d)
Regular meetings
Transition from Library to Llearning Commons
Development of Learning Design Project Blog (transparency)
Purchased: iPads, Laptops, Video Cameras, Release Days, Mini Mac Server
Visit to Calgary Science School to see inquiry-based learning in action
Team went to iPad bootcamp at Apple Canada (open to all teachers to participate)

Admin and Helping Teachers
Wireless upgrade
Teacher librarian and computer facilitator involvement
IMS support
Release Time


Team meeting with Dr. Alec Couros at lunch at FHSS

Student engagement
Teacher dialogue and collaboration
Staff Development (Meet n' Eat)
Twitter Traffic
Successful transition to our Llearning Commons which is a lighthouse across our district and beyond.


Meet n' Eat session on using iPads in the classroom (in our Learning Commons)

Synthesis - Profound learning
Staff: The learning curve has been steep, but it has been energizing and exciting!
Students: Engagement has increased student learning